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Monster Rumble "Resurrection"'s Journal

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Friday, November 13th, 2009
5:44 pm - Monsters


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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002
4:03 pm - Monster Rumble Scientist begin frantic search for Dr. Frankenstein’s notes

Monster Rumble Scientist begin frantic search for Dr. Frankenstein’s notes

Monster Rumble Scientist have begun searching amongst Frankenstein’s applications and other material in hopes of discovering his where abouts along with the legendary Dr. Frankenstein notes. Although tight lipped about why such a momentous search the Monster Rumble PR team did hold a press conference today. “Although the Monster Rumble “Resurrection” tourney is over for the year we are still interested in speaking with a few of the contestants for possible use in a variety of uses. Thank you.”

We put Grant P. Roetengauten on the case, managed to get him a MR press pass, and sent him back to Monster Rumble HQ for one more story possibly the biggest of the year.

I cannot say that I have many solid facts or truths. All I have been able to gain whilst here are wild rumors, shrugs of the shoulder, a giggling Lord Pappy, and speculations. I began my story questioning first the Monster Rumble staffers.

There is speculation amongst the staffers here that the latest frantic search for Frankenstein is in connection with the Rumbles of this year’s tourney and not just for a variety of uses as has been reported by the Monster Rumble PR team. After Frankenstein’s horrid and pathetic defeat it is said he ran away, not returning even to his home in Alabama. It is thought that he might have headed to the hide out he once inhabited at the top of Mont Blanc. The Baron, rumor has it, is heading a team to there. A seven-person team with one really big net. But the frantic search for Dr. Frankenstein’s notes have many of the lower rung Monster Rumble staffers puzzled. Even the upper rings and Lord Pappy are not speaking one word about it. In another rumour, albeit no one will say its fact or fiction, is that Monster Rumble Medics are seeking the notes in an attempt to try and understand how Frankie’s zipper neck works.

If one were to connect the dots of the rumours of the notes, Frankie’s disappearance, and Monster Rumble staff acting tight lipped and frantic one would begins to suspect something quite sinister.

I asked one of the Monster Rumble techs over a meal of tuna casserole at the Monster Rumble cafeteria if Godzilla, defeated by the headless horseman could it be possible that the defeat resulted in Godzilla losing his head like all the other victims of the Headless Horseman’s rise to the top of the tourney, and if so wouldn’t Headless have taken it as a trophy? “Well you see..”, “It was too big” giggled Lord Pappy walking by our table with a plate of chocolate cake and mashed peas, “too heavy” he chuckled. I looked at my lunch partner inquisitively; he just looked down at his tuna casserole trying desperately not to laugh.

Could this truly be the case for such large-scale activity? I must admit that that while I was at Monster Rumble HQ it had been rather eerily quiet. “Due to a deep depression” came the excuse from the Monster Rumble Medical team about the lack of Godzilla roars that are always a part of the audible noises at MR HQ. “Even a set of NYC subway cars was not enough to cheer him up”, wrote the Baron to one of the medics. But maybe all this is a rouse, maybe indeed the rumour is true and just like all the Headless Horseman’s victims in this years tourney their headless and need desperately the information in Dr. Frankenstein’s notes on how to attach a head. All except T – 1000 who morphed his back on.

There was one more press conference held the day that I was leaving. One of the last questions asked as we all were heading out was, “Where is Lord Pappy and the Baron?” Smiling they stated in all authority “no comment”.

On the MR helicopter on my way back home yet again, digging in my bag looking for a book to tide me over till we landed I found a note, written in ink from my old anonymous source, the Monster Rumble Scientist. Written in ink “The Baron has successfully found and netted Frankenstein in Mont Blanc, Lord Pappy is off to Sleepy Hollow hoping to find some heads.”


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Saturday, October 19th, 2002
3:19 am - Lord Pappy from his Wooden Chair

Round 1 - Arch Angel Gabriel (As much as I like Bad Ash and trully admire his style I'm gonna go with Gabriel on this.)
Round 2 - Lost Boys (If they can take on Kong all at once as a group they'll take the hairy big ape down, if not well he advances thru yet another round.)
Round 3 - "Tremor's" Worms (I think finally Godzilla might have met his match here. I mean these guys travel subteranean, and they are attracted to noise, good lord what is more noisy then this green freak.)
Round 4 - Let em both lose ( stupidest rumble in this round.)
Round 5 - The Darkness "Legend" (With a voice like that he commands respect, the Tallman is geriatric compared to this demon.)
Round 6 - The Blob (Now thanks to the T 1000 taking care of the Ghoulies I can go back to wishing this metal morph freak will rust and fall apart for good, recycle his ass.)
Round 7 - Satan (after the defeat of Pennywise it would seem that Leatherface could take on even the biggest of the baddest, but Satan is not to be messed with lightly and I think Leatherface may learn this the hard way, spoon fed beat down.
Round 8 - The Candyman - ( He wheels a nasty left hook!)

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1:31 am

Baron's Round 3 Favs:

Fight 1
These are both VERY strong characters. But, I'm going to have to bank on Ash winning this one. He's beaten some really tough oppenents thus far. And he can be very scarry with his army.

Fight 2
I'm going with the Lost Boys on this one, with grouping they can be very tough. Plus I hate the stupid ape!

Fight 3
GODILLA, without a doubt.

Fight 4
Kothoga has too much muscle for Balacai.

Fight 5
Darkenss is going to bounce all those shiny balls off of the Tallman's head!

Fight 6
I don't want to say anything about this battle, I fear the worst :(

Fight 7
LEatherface, eh, why not.

Fight 8
The Horseman seems to be one BAd ass MO-fo. Candy ain't got nothing on him!

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1:08 am - hmm

Godzilla is going really strong right now. His first true challenge, The Tremors Worms are waiting.

Think he could possibly be the first MR repeat?

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Friday, October 18th, 2002
11:11 pm - BaRon's Toss Up favorites...

Fight 1
This is a fairly even matchup, but I'd say the Predator for the win. Unless Bad Ash can summon the dead.

Fight 2
Seeing that the fallen ArchAngel can set things on fire at will. Christine is taost!

Fight 3
The Spcae Slugs now fight in the vessle of Count Blackula, which gives them a higher phiscal stat. So if it's Mano y Mano, the young vamp will die under Blackula's strength. Grouping would acually hurt the slugs since they on'y have 1 vessel.

Fight 4
As much in my heart of hearts wants the good ol'Schlocky to win, I'd have to say King Kong has the upper hand here.GO SCHLOCK! DOWN WITH THE BIG DUMB APE!

Fight 5
GODZILLA vs midgets, need I say more?

Fight 6
If Chucky uses his cunning against these worms, he'll be ok. Also, the fact that the worms can only detect and attack "tremors" will make it difficult to find a couple of light plastic dolls. I'd have to go for the Dolls in this one.

Fight 7
Giant Ants over Kothoga, expecially if there is grouping.

Fight 8
Balacai over Orlock. Balacai, being the Predator ripoff B-rated movie monster that he is, IS Predator tough. Orlock may be a bit too docile a creature to beat Balacai.

Fight 9
TALLMAN! Definately the Tallman from Phantasm! Those balls will rip the chuds to shreds. Just gotta remember to freeze then apply the electricity.

Fight 10
The Darkness, definately. Zombies are cool and all, but the Darkness far too poewerful for these walking people munchers. Plus, I bet the devil tasts like ass anyway.

Fight 11
T-1000 vs. Goulies, need I say more? Sure the Goulies desposed of a Chmapion, but we all know that Frankie was just a fluke! Goulies are soooo dead!

Fight 12
I hope Kyers figures out a way to pull this win off, but I'd have to say the Blob will probably be the victor in this one.

Fight 13
Satan over M.A.R.K. 13

Fight 14
Pennywise over Leatherface. Leatherface is too stupid to tangle with Pennywise.

Fight 15
I really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, want Puft to win. But It's sad to say the Horseman has the advantage here. BUT screw to that, STAY PUFT ALL THE WAY!

Fight 16
Candyman over Tomatoes.

current mood: excited

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Saturday, October 19th, 2002
12:31 am - Telegram just in from Monster Rumble HQ

This just in Lord Pappy has announced his choice favs to win in the "Toss Up" round.

Round 1 - Bad Ash
Round 2 - Arch Angle Gabriel
Round 3 - The Lost Boys (of course)
Round 4 -Schlock (all the way baby)
Round 5 - The Creeps
Round 6 -"Tremors" worms
Round 7 - THEM!
Round 8 - Orlock (classic, how could I not)
Round 9 - Bud the C.H.U.D.
Round 10 - Zombies
Round 11 - T-1000 ( pay back time ghoulies)
Round 12 - The Blob (will Myers just die allready)
Round 13 - MARK 13
Round 14 - Pennywise (Though it scares me to say it)
Round 15 - (oh man!! tough,), The Headless Horseman
Round 16 - Candyman!!

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Monday, October 14th, 2002
9:13 pm - some surfin info

I was reading the New York Times today at work when I stumbled across an op/ed piece. It is a fairly ok interview done by Grant P. Roetengauten. It is amazing that he was even able to get an interview as usually the M.R. Staff are extremely secretive especially after the first round of a new tourney. Well either way just wanted to share. Upsets, Suprise Victories, and Crushing Defeats


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2:28 am - from Lord Pappy interview after the Carnage Round

Lord Pappy's response to the overtly pathetic lose of Frankiensten monster led him to harsh words about his long time favorite; " I will chose a new favorite very soon as all contestants who make it thru the Carnage round are trully great in their own way, but I still feel it is a truly sad day in Monster Rumble History to see such a deafining horredous defeat as we witnessed today, thank you."

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